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Tips to make successful email marketing

Email marketing is one of the easiest ways to reach customers without spending any money. However there are some difficulties involved in this. Email-ids of potential customers are not readily and easily obtained and people don’t disclose their email-ids to strangers. Some of the basic things that need to be kept in mind before working on email are as follows.

Start with a welcome mail: It is very important to let people know why they are in the mailing list and to give assurance for them to know that good things are in store.

Easy to Subscribe: It is always good to have a simple subscribe form as long forms might scare people off.

Newsletter: The emails sent to customers should be in line with the brand’s look and feel which makes the readers to be familiar right from the beginning.

Easy to get the gist:  Make sure that your subject line is direct to the point and in case if the article is long it should be justifiable. In those situations make the paragraphs in to blocks and breakup your content in smaller paragraphs.

Relevant content: It is very important to send content which are only relevant to the brand and make sure that the content is desirable for the end customer who reads the mail.

Regularization: It is important to send emails to readers regularly without any long gaps in between as the delay will more likely result in marking emails as spam or delete it.

Mobile: Make your emails readable on mobile as it is the channel for the future and reaches more customers than conventional medium.

Spam: Make sure your content doesn’t go in to spam category by learning all the details of spam, bulk mailing rules etc.

Most importantly as most of the newsletter services offer free reports, it is indispensable to pay attention to click rates, identify patterns if any in the report and make changes according to make email marketing successful.

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