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Charities Using Digital marketing!

Charities using digital marketing
Are charities using digital marketing campaigns possible? If “No” is your obvious answer, the following ads will prove you wrong! Because we’re all connected  This campaign was by World Wide Fund for Nature, an international organization working on research and restoration of environment It emins us how people and nature are connected throu [...]

Email Marketing and Mobile Marketing ...

Email Marketing and Mobile Marketing – the new Digital Marketing wishlists
Email Marketing and Mobile Marketing are the new wishlists for Digital Marketing. Digital marketing keeps changing every year. If it was about Social Media Marketing in 2013 , it is about Email Marketing and Mobile Marketing in 2014. The info-graphic says it all about what the year 2014 has for digital marketing. And this comes as no surprise [...]

SEO –Tips and Notions

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Build the website, crowd will follow If you are blindfolded by the belief that a great website and good content alone will attract all possible traffic, it is high time to come out of that myth. Fast downloads, Keyword optimization, backlinks and there goes a long list to take care if you wish to build a traffic luring website and for SEO . G [...]

Social Media Campaigns, 2014 – ...

social media marketing
Land Rover Land Rover launched the #Hibernot campaign in the UK offering exciting activities for the winter. An interactive website, owned by Land Rover, curates the activities and enables visitors to the bank of fun filled activities. It also invites pictures and personal experiences using the hashtag #Hibernot. The campaign already has gain [...]