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Social Media Genesis

Socializing is one trait of human being which is present since their evolution. Social mediums have also evolved with the evolution of human. Initially the interaction was limited by geography and the type was one to one , one to many like addressing, speech or many to many in discussions, meetings but all  limited by geography. Then when geographical obstructions overcame by telecommunication, broadcast, telephones, mobile media came where all type of interaction was possible but constraint by time. With the advent of internet, interactions had taken a visual form. Social media is a model where content is generated by the user, for the user and of the user. Today the exchange is not restricted by time or geography. This is what makes Social media a very efficient and powerful tool of communication for personal and professional life. Social Media have been around a long time. Since its inception which was around 1970 with Bulletin Board system (BBS), followed by Friendster in 2002 and most recent Google+ in 2011, social media has come a long and difficult way. Today it’s not a mere platform which connects you to others but has become one of the most important marketing tool also.


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