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Social Media Trends 2014

Social Media Trends 2014 confirm that the importance of social media marketing could not have been emphasized more. As per the trends and predictions for 2014, businesses should follow the following guidelines to ensure successful marketing and growth of their businesses:

  • Social Media Marketing is a Necessity and not an Option anymore - With a huge chunk of the world population spending a significant amount of their time on social media, social media marketing has become a necessity to reach out to the target users.
  • Having an Online presence is not enough, need to have Mobile presence as well - With the burgeoning growth in the sales and use of mobile devices, it has become imperative for brands and businesses to have not only online presence, but also mobile presence.
  • Google+ is a fast growing social media and should not be ignored - Facebook may still be bigger than Google+, but Google+ is fast growing and it has the added advantage of being a Google product. So Google integrates Google+ contents into search results and hence businesses should make it a point to have a Google+ account as well.
  • Images will grow to become the biggest attention grabbers - “A picture is worth a thousand words” – that age old adage still holds true and images continue to be the biggest attention grabbers.
  • Videos are fast emerging as contenders for SEO efforts - With the growing popularity of YouTube, it is difficult to keep videos out of the ambit of SEO and efforts are on to simplify video creation and also optimize them for SEO.
  • Pod-casts sales and popularity will grow – With Steve Jobs showing the way with the iPod, pod-casts sales and popularity will continue to grow because they easy to use and facilitate multi -tasking.
Social Media Trends 2014

Social Media Trends 2014 – Enjoy the Visuals !!

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    July 17, 2014    

    Good graphical read !

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    August 10, 2014    

    seriously.. nice one…

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