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Social Media Campaigns, 2014 – A glance at the impressive lot

Land Rover

Land Rover launched the #Hibernot campaign in the UK offering exciting activities for the winter. An interactive website, owned by Land Rover, curates the activities and enables visitors to the bank of fun filled activities. It also invites pictures and personal experiences using the hashtag #Hibernot. The campaign already has gained more than 1 lakh Facebook fans and 75000 twitter followers.





To promote the launch of it’s new magazine, Net-A-Porter released an iOS application that capitalized on the present trend of selfies. This app allowed users to click and upload their pics with the magazine masthead and made them look like cover stars.

This photo could be shared on Twitter and Instagram and the buzz developed triggered around 3000mentions around #IAMPORTER in connection with the magazine launch.



As a part of their pre-kickoff activities, Juventus launched an online campaign inviting choreography entries from its fans. The idea was to flash coloured cards portraying different themes on their inaugural match with Intermilan. Almost 3000 entries were received and a 16 year old boy emerged the winner. Around 15000 tweets with #LoveJu hashtag was generated and the idea increased the engagement of its fans with their social media feeds.



It is an epitome of conventional companies moving to digital marketing. Though Pedigree don’t have an appeal among youngsters, their ad campaign has climbed up in social media charts. Pedigree has released an app that helps u re-create the image that you upload and portrays how it looks after years. Thousands of pictures were shared across Facebook and twitter in this regard and helped in re-vitalising the brand.





Renault organized a social media campaign in connection with the launch of their new car Twingo. Many tweets were promoted with hashtag #UndressNewTango. The car was unveiled as more people tweeted about it. For every 100 tweets, a new striptease was performed around the Twingo, slowly unveiling the new car. There were around 50,000 visitors in the first few hours at undressnewtwingo.com. Around 100 blogposts were released about this topic and undressnewtwingo became the most trending topic in France. During the 1 hour pre-reveal event around 4000 tweets were also generated!



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    July 18, 2014    

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