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Build the website, crowd will follow

If you are blindfolded by the belief that a great website and good content alone will attract all possible traffic, it is high time to come out of that myth. Fast downloads, Keyword optimization, backlinks and there goes a long list to take care if you wish to build a traffic luring website and for SEO .

Google Analytics is a spy of Google!

Google analytics has grown indispensable with SEO and SEM techniques. Is Google analytics a spy of Google? Answer is partly yes and partly no. If you have multiple websites, all using same Google Analytics account, then google figures it out. Anyways, google doesn’t use Google analytics for site positioning. They both should be treated as independent arms and they don’t interact beyond a level. Also, many sites don’t employ google analytics, so it doesn’t make sense for Google to use analytics to decide the results.

Ranking doesn’t count

People, unaware of SEO, normally boast about traffic and offer less concern on ranking. It is deceptive to a great extent. With personalization and geographic preferences coming into picture, you can no longer be assured of a sure shot top 10. In the context of aforementioned aspects, it is better to replace the word ranking with positioning for SERPs. Converting traffic is a clear indicator of return on your investment, hence keyword positions hint on the traffic that you are attracting.

Social media gives you strong link building

You can get links from the SNS but not just by sharing. Google can’t factor facebook or twitter in it’s algorithm, thanks to the negative associations these giants had in the past.

Anyways, as obvious, Google plus stands out from the above lot.


  1. December 1, 2015    

    wow this Search Engine Optimization post is an eye opener for me considering the fact that getting advanced SEO knowledge just as this one you shared above is highly needed in my blogging lifestyle. SEO has become a great tool in my daily life of blogging and thus I am always on a research to get new SEO tips because no man can really know everything..
    You just increase my knowledge on SEO.
    I will surely come back to get more SEO doses from your
    Thanks for sharing this info

  2. October 19, 2017    

    From everything that I have seen you are spot on. Google loves to see good metrics, hence Analytics is important in their eyes. I would like to know more about your thoughts on Social Media.

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