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‘Modi’fied  image – Narendra Modi’s Digital Marketing Strategy for Brand Building

Narendra Modi’s Digital Marketing Strategy is an example to learn from. Bharatiya Janata Party’s leader Narendra Modi set an example for how to use Digital Marketing Strategy in the recent 2014 Lok Sabha elections. Whatever be your belief, voting decision or prejudice he had implemented a digital marketing plan where there is no escaping from him. He started building the brand ‘Modi’ six months before the elections and over a period of time, his image has overshadowed all the other brands. We will dig in to his strategies using Digital marketing which made him convince 1.3 Billion people and become the Prime Minister of India.

The scenario in Indian Politics has changed. All political parties and politicians have found a new way to reach the population and achieve recognition and inspire the voters to vote for them. Gone are the days when politicians were dependant on posters, cardboard , graffitis, cutouts, banners, to get votes. BJP found the trick of reaching the mass using media and successfully implemented and won in the recent 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

Narendra Modi, currently the Prime Minister of India is available on Facebook , Twitter in 2009. He is the first politician in 2009 to use Google+. Narendra Modi has a whopping 1.3 Million followers on Facebook page and 3.42 Million followers on Twitter, which is way higher than any other politician in India. Having found out the right ingredient to reach the masses, he focused on all sorts of Social media. His YouTube channel has more than 15000 subscribers and has more than 1500 videos as per data on March 2014.

The three time chief minister of Gujarat wanted to promote his regional brand to go national. He wanted to connect with the youth which had almost 150 million first time voters. They are the potential future of India and influencing them would be the first thing that will secure the position of his party. Narendra Modi with his social media campaign was seen as the Brand Ambassador for Gujarat. He identified the right steps to create a brand image which helped him to reach outside Gujarat even before he chose to go national.  His team utilized every opportunity to market them using Social media and gathered support in the best possible way with considerably lesser expenditure.

His efficient Digital Marketing campaign to promote his brand image transformed him from a strong Hindu nationalist to India’s most popular prime ministerial candidate. He chose the right rools to promote his image and spread his messages by means of various digital channels. Social media gave access to Narendra Modi’s views on topics , political issues, his biography , interests etc. His team effectively utilised Dispaly Ads, Video streaming, native ads etc to promote his party.

People Behind Modi’s Social Media Success:

The team that managed Modi’s Digital Marketing Campaigns are critical for promoting his messages and creating an image among the mass. Even though handling a political party’s social media requires same effort as one necessary to setup a press office  or an even planning, it is a highly critical task and requires great deal of accuracy. His team included IIT, IIM, Harvard graduates like Rajesh Jain, B. Mahesh, Arvind Gupta – the key people behind 3.67 Mn. followers in Twitter and 12 million likes on FaceBook.

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