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Mistakes You Should Not Commit When Marketing Via EMail

Email marketing is a powerful tool if used correctly. Otherwise, it can lead to the tanking of open rate, which would produce low click through rate and ultimately result in a low conversion rate. In no time, you would see your revenues getting affected negatively. Some common email marketing mistakes, which should be avoided, are listed below.

1. Excessive usage of Links in the email – spam filters activated

If the body of your email message is flooded with links, it is very likely that the spam filters would get activated and your email would most likely not be read. Even if some users read it, the excess links might just turn them off assuming the mail to be spam. Ideally, you should try and have very few links, with clearly defined call to action.

2. Content of email irrelevant for the user

Remember that a lot of companies are vying for some email reading time from all users. The time spent by users in reading emails is precious and if the content of your email is not relevant, it would just put off the reader. You should not be surprised, if your email is marked spam.

Contrast that with an ideal scenario of sending out a newsletter every week with relevant and interesting readings for the user. In the latter case, the user is very much interested in reading and would continue to do so in future.

3. Over promotional title

Making use of a proper title for the email message is crucial for optimum results. It is well known that your email message is for promotional purpose. But, you shouldn’t over do it. Readers get hundreds of such mails everyday and they are intelligent enough to identify what is good and what is not. An over promotional title immediately makes the message look fake and alarms the reader. The promotion should be illustrated in a subtle way and the entire email body should be consistent. Most emails fail to achieve this.

Email marketing is a great way to generate inbound traffic and to interact with current and potential customers. Just make sure that you don’t commit the mistakes listed above to make the best of that message you bulk emailed.



  1. Raunak Tibrewal's Gravatar Raunak Tibrewal
    June 28, 2014    

    Great Article!

  2. ankit's Gravatar ankit
    August 10, 2014    

    very nice article!! i find it great as it helped me in correcting my mistakes.. looking forward for more such informative posts.

  3. abha's Gravatar abha
    August 10, 2014    

    good one!!
    very helpful for me as well!!
    :) keep it up!!

  4. March 10, 2016    

    Completely agree with these email marketing mistakes.

    I also feel that these are the most common mistakes which most of the email marketers make. Sending emails with boring subject is very much common mistake.

    I never open any email which don’t attract my eyes. I always ignore or delete such emails instantly.

    Email marketers should understand that nobody wants to waste their time in reading boring emails. If you really want to convert them then you must have to send emails with having eye catchy, attractive and promising subject line. Because It is the only line which readers read first.

    So taking care of it can improve your skills.

    I am glad that you have listed all the major email marketing mistakes here so that we can learn them and can avoid them. Thanks for sharing it with us. :D

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