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Digital Marketing Success of “Why this Kolaveri Di”

Digital Marketing Success of “Why this Kolaveri Di”: Why this Kolaveri Di?, a song that became social media sensation on October 2011. “Why this kolaveri” is song written and sung by Dhanush. It was one of the songs that was set to be featured in movie “3” the next year(2012). A draft version of the song was released on youtube on 31st  October 2011. Soon after the lyrics was leaked, the video went viral through all forms of social media. What made this song a marvellous phenomenon? How to create an impact using digital marketing, just like kolaveri did? We will answer these questions as we proceed in this article.

Some of the key statistics of this song:


  • When the video was released, #kolaveri hash tag was trending in twitter for 3 continuous days.
  • The video was shared by 1.4 million people, liked by 1.8 million people and received more than 1.1 million comments.
  • The video reached the milestone of most searched video on youtube by 21st  Nov 2011.
  • The song was played in a US radio station.
  • The video received Gold Award by youtube on the same month.

How did the video became viral?

When a guy starts noticing people sharing the video on facebook, he wouldn’t have noticed the video and since the song was in tamil if he doesn’t know tamil, he would probably have not been willing to watch the video. But the thought of “why is everyone going crazy over this song?” would have made him to think about the video and almost everyone sharing the video and putting statuses about this video would certainly made him watch the video. This is one the reasons behind the success of Kolaveri. But the core reason for the song becoming such a mass hit is because, the video was taken in such a way that it suited the trend and mix of Tamil and English words made it a new phenomenon. The ‘promo video’ was made in such a way that it created interest in the people watching it. It conquered twitter for a considerable duration. The marketers of the box created hashtag #whythiskolaveri and started posting quirky lines “Iceland has not heard #whythiskolaveridi”, “Not called for 2 days #whythiskolaveridi”, etc. Since most of the people didn’t know what it meant, they watched the youtube video linked with those hashtags. Then the same hash tag was used by many and it lead to an avalanche of tweets. Even today people are tweeting with this hashtag and the video is still watched by many people. It left an impact in the digital world and became a perfect example for viral marketing. It gained popularity from South India to the whole of India then across the world.

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    April 25, 2015    

    Amazing article!! The author of this blog is sensible and realistic.

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