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Digital Marketing Platforms – Know your various options

Digital Marketing Platforms offer the means to e-marketers to reach out to their audiences through various modes like desktops, laptops, notebooks, mobiles, tablets, gaming platforms, etc. By collecting data about online behaviour of customers through web analytics, the e-marketers have a golden opportunity to offer customized and personalized offers and increase the success of their marketing campaigns.

Here we take a quick look at what are the available options to reach the audiences and their meanings.

Desktop, Laptop & Notebook Platforms

  1. Desktop browser based platform: We all know how to access web using web browsers like Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Micro Soft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc. Desktop browser based apps help to connect with audiences by providing access to their applications through these browsers. Examples of such applications are Google Calender, Any.Do, etc. which can be downloaded from the Chrome app store.
  2. Desktop Apps: Desktop apps are applications that need to be downloaded and installed on your desktops to run them. Both Microsoft and Apple offer a whole range of apps and this medium can be utilized to reach audiences.


Mobile phone & Tablet based platforms

Compared to desktops, mobiles provide an added advantage of tracking user location using GPS and hence option of providing location-based services. The means to connect with mobile users are similar to that used for desktops, i.e. through browser based apps and through mobile OS specific apps.

  1. Mobile browser based platform: Similar to web browsers for desktops, we have mobile browsers which are optimized to access web through mobiles.
  2. Mobile Apps: Mobile apps are applications that need to be downloaded and installed on your desktops to run them. MicroSoft, Google and Apple offer a wide variety of apps for mobiles.

Other Platforms:

  1. Feed based platforms: RSS (Rich Site Summary), also called Web Feeds, is a content delivery vehicle which delivers current and updated content automatically to the subscribers from the sites they have subscribed to. The News Feed on Facebook is based on this mechanism and delivers content from the web pages they have “Liked” on Facebook. Feed based platforms like that being used on Facebook is an excellent medium to target audiences based on their preferences.
  2. Gaming Platforms: A gaming platform is a console or system that is used to play games. Examples of gaming platforms are Sony Playstation, Microsoft Xbox, etc. Marketers can utilize these platforms to reach customers through in-game ads, etc.

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