Orchestrate Your Digital Marketing Success Story

Digital Marketing Videos – A collection of online tutorials

Digital Marketing Videos- A comprehensive online tutorial on internet marketing


  1. Google’s Chief economist explains the adwords bidding process - Google ad  campaigns involve lot of intricacies and in this video, google’s chief economist demystifies the same.
  2. Easy ways to save big on pay per click and adword campaigns - Adwords campaign can really prove expensive and an unfair ROI deal if not managed properly. Here are some easy ways !
  3. Easy guide to setup an adword campaign - Don’t shy away from search engine marketing. This tutorial is a beginner’s guide.
  4. Facebook Pay Per Click Campaign – Beginner’s Guide - Facebook is now turning out to be one of the most sought after advertising platforms. 
  5. Facebook advertising- Tips and Techniques - This video explains the dynamics of FB marketing.
  6. Twitter – How to make a successful start- Twitter is a social networking come microblogging service and quoted as SMS of the internet. It has more than 500 million subscribers.
  7. Top twitter tools unveiled - Tools and techniques to leverage on twitter revealed through this tutorial.
  8. LinkedIn advertising -start up guide - LinkedIn is a professional networking platform that has a subscriber base of more than 250 million user and it operates in more than 20 languages.
  9. High time to focus on pinterest Ads – Some statistics - Pinterest is a visual discovery tool and helps the user community gather ideas in the form of visual bookmarks. 
  10. Google Plus Platform – A beginner’s guide - Google Plus is a social media platform owned and operated by Google inc. It is emerging as a strong platform mainly on grounds of integration with other google services.

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