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Digital Marketing Tools – Collection of tools for site health check

Collection of some awesome Digital Marketing Tools for assessing health of your e-marketplace:

1.  Alexa (www.alexa.com)

Alexa is a free tool. It focuses exclusively on delivering rich and meaning analytics tools for customers.

2.Compete (www.compete.com)

Compete gives digital marketing insights to drive business forward.

3. Hitwise (www.hitwise.com)

Hitwise is a paid tool, but free research available at http://weblogs.hitwise.com

4. Comscore (www.comscore.com)

Comscore is a paid tool which turns information in to insights and actions for our clients to maximise their digital investments.

5. Pingdom (www.tools.pingdom.com)

A free tool which helps you to monitor your website performance and intimates in case of any issues and helps you make a smart decision.

6. Forrester (www.forrester.com)

Paid research service offering reports on internet usage and best practice in different vertical sectors such as financial services, retail and travel.

7. Davechaffey (www.davechaffey.com)

Davechaffey has tools such as google keyword tool and google traffic estimator which can be used to assess the popularity of brands and their products reflected by volume of search terms typed in to Google and other search engines.

8. Gartner (www.gartner.com)

Gartner is another research service which focuses on technology adoption within companies.

9. Jupiterresearch (www.jupiterresearch.com)

Jupiterresearch provides you with good reports and e-mail marketing best practices.

10. IMRG (www.imrg.org)

IMRG – Internet Media in Retail Group has compilations on online e-commerce expenditure in UK which, as of the time of the writing , was averaging around 5 billion pounds per month or over 10% of all retail spend.

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  1. October 29, 2017    

    Thank you Admin, You are worth more than a million gold bars for this post on digital marketing!

    It is funny that i read this article once before but i never was interested then. I went on for a digital marketing training and it is great to know that i was ahead of most of my peers in knowledge.

    It is worthy to note that, digital marketing has grown over too, it is now a major part of business success online

    I created a post to simplify it for my fellow students : https://clickate.com/what-is-online-digital-marketing/

    Great job here!

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