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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is one of the recently evolved marketing methods which have been successfully implemented by many businesses to direct relevant content to their target audience. Since 2006, Digital Marketing has been one of the most effective means of conducting business online. Unlike the traditional methods adopted in Outbound Marketing, Digital Marketing aims at marketing products or services to people by carefully targeting audience that is interested in their products.Digital marketing focuses on creating quality content for their customers, aligns this content with the interest of the customers and pulls people towards a company and its products. It has changed the way in which customers are approached by their marketers from interruptive to relevant. In order to carry out digital marketing, a company needs to first set up an informative website that attracts visitors naturally by means of search engines, blogs, social media, product catalogs, etc. The different ways by which a company practices online marketing include:

1. Content: Any inbound campaign is based on the content it generates. Content acts as the tool or information which attracts the potential customers to the business or to the website.

2. Social Media Marketing: Social media acts as an amplification tool for the content created by the businesses. When the content generated is discussed and distributed across networks of personal relationships, it becomes more authentic and nuanced, and is more likely to draw qualified customers.

3. Search Engine Optimization: Search engine optimization means optimizing the search for your content and thus tapping potential customers. It involves incorporating the best practices of building inbound links and the business website to maximize and prioritize the website ranking in search engines, where most of the potential customers begin their buying process.

4. Email marketing: Email marketing is sending a commercial message to a target group using email. The commercial message can be a brand awareness or a promotion campaign. Companies can use individual techniques but a right mix of all of them hand in hand gives the best results. Digital marketing helps not only in high quality lead generation, but also gaining quality customers for the business.

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  1. October 29, 2017    

    Thank you DMStory, You are worth more than a million gold bars!

    It is funny that i read this article once before but i never was interested then. I went on for a digital marketing training and it is great to know that i was ahead of most of my peers in knowledge.

    It is worthy to note that, digital marketing has grown over too, it is now a major part of business success online

    I created a post to simplify it for my fellow students : https://clickate.com/what-is-online-digital-marketing/

    Great job here!

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