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Crazy Social Media Marketing Facts for Online Junta

Social Media Marketing Facts for Online Junta 

  1. There are more than 1 crore applications on Facebook!
  2. The age segment showing a highest increase across social media platforms is 55-65 category that registered a growth of more than 60% across platforms.
  3. More than 90% marketers use social media whereas only 9% of them employ full time bloggers
  4. Around 60% pinterest discussions are on food!
  5. A quarter of the FB users check their account more than 5 times a day.
  6. 400 crores of people access social media over mobile devices and around 20 crores of FB users rely on mobile alone.
  7. If you think Google+ is not in the scene, you are mistaken. More than 60% of its users login atleast once a day.
  8. Despite prevalent privacy concerns and issues, only less than a quarter of FB users make use of privacy settings.
  9. Mothers with infants under age of 5, are high users of social media.
  10. LinkedIn adds more than a 100 people every minute.
  11. Around 25 crores of the twitter population don’t tweet but watch other’s tweets.
  12.  LinkedIn has over 30 lakh official company pages
  13.  Facebook users, altogether, are spending around 20,000 years on social media!
  14.  More than 90% of the mobile internet activity is for social media access.
  15.  Youtube has over 100 crores of unique visitors every month.
  16.  60% of the FB and twitter users are females.
  17.  Nearly 50% of the web purchases have direct/indirect reference to social media.
  18.  Social media is the most dynamic activity online. Even more popular than pornography!

 Hope you enjoyed the crazy aspects of social media marketing ;)



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  1. Vipin's Gravatar Vipin
    July 9, 2014    

    Nice article.. Really insightful

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