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What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is based on the philosophy that the Content is King. In other words, content marketing is a form of online marketing or digital marketing which involves creation and sharing of content to generate awareness about anything. The content can be created in any form – news, video, audio, e-books, photographs, etc. and is distributed online in a digital format. Content marketing works on the principle that if any content holds informational value for a user, it will evoke interest and thus the content should be of high quality.

Since content marketing relies heavily on the quality of the content, it is essential that the content should be written or presented in an interesting and lucid style to both evoke and sustain user interest. The best way to present any content is in the form of a story. For text content, journalist style writing is preferred as they are very good in selling news in the form of stories and are experts in generating public interest.

In case of content marketing, it is also very important to keep updating the content periodically with relevant posts and articles. And if a brand is utilizing online content marketing, then it should take care to ensure consistency of look and feel not only across its online presence, but the online content should match with the offline content also. For example, the model numbers and pictures of products mentioned in the site’s online brochure should be same as the offline in-store products.

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