Orchestrate Your Digital Marketing Success Story

Charities Using Digital marketing!

Are charities using digital marketing campaigns possible? If “No” is your obvious answer, the following ads will prove you wrong!

  1. Because we’re all connected

 This campaign was by World Wide Fund for Nature, an international organization working on research and restoration of environment

It emins us how people and nature are connected through an animated ad that starts with Panda, WWF’s mascot

Here is the link to the video!


 It goes against the tradition of heartbreaking videos and funeral BGMs. This animation injects fun and creativity

                Link to WWF’s youtube channel

2.  World Water Day

This  ad directed by Simon Wilows promotes “Charity Water”s well-drilling activity in Central Africa and says how drinking water is essential to each of us.There is a narrative which shows the effects on people’s lives, what you can do and what Christian missionaries does with the aids.


3.  House of Cards

 This campaign was centred around UK , produced by Shelter who is into Homeless & Housing charity.


 Visualization for your message can be effective than words. Through a house of cards fragility of people’s homes is depicted. The one minute video induces emotion and etches to your mind for long

4.  Choose a Different Ending

Droptheweapons.org has launched the campaigns to reduce the gun crimes in UK. It is an interactive ad and you get the option to decide the ending. Infact , you decide, whether to live or die! You are in the shoes of protagonist and his viewpoints are being offered to you. It can’t be more interactive.


 5.  Oxfam Haiti emergency appeal

OXFAM GB provides lasting solution to injustice and poverty. This ad is also aimed at that.

This ad has been aired with the intent to raise contributions for Haiti relief fund.


You might be wondering, why this one –shot video was chosen. Here we coney another aspect of digital marketing, immediacy. The ad was aired in the first few days after Haiti calamity and turned viral.

 6.  The Lazarus Effect

Aired by RED, an organization for preventing AIDS. The video has a great effect as it portrays the results of the charities work. This reassures the donor that their money is going to the right hands.


 7.  Manchester Pride Does Lily Allen

The Lesbian and Gay Foundation is a health and community charity empowering equality among LGBT communities. The campaign was to promote a Manchester United event.


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