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Email Marketing and Mobile Marketing ...

Email Marketing and Mobile Marketing – the new Digital Marketing wishlists
Email Marketing and Mobile Marketing are the new wishlists for Digital Marketing. Digital marketing keeps changing every year. If it was about Social Media Marketing in 2013 , it is about Email Marketing and Mobile Marketing in 2014. The info-graphic says it all about what the year 2014 has for digital marketing. And this comes as no surprise [...]

Tips to make successful email marketi...

Email marketing is one of the easiest ways to reach customers without spending any money. However there are some difficulties involved in this. Email-ids of potential customers are not readily and easily obtained and people don’t disclose their email-ids to strangers. Some of the basic things that need to be kept in mind before working on ema [...]

Mistakes You Should Not Commit When M...

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Email marketing is a powerful tool if used correctly. Otherwise, it can lead to the tanking of open rate, which would produce low click through rate and ultimately result in a low conversion rate. In no time, you would see your revenues getting affected negatively. Some common email marketing mistakes, which should be avoided, are listed belo [...]