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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing is one of the recently evolved marketing methods which have been successfully implemented by many businesses to direct relevant content to their target audience. Since 2006, Digital Marketing has been one of the most effective means of conducting business online. Unlike the traditional methods adopted in Outbound Marketing, [...]

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing is a low cost marketing technique which utilizes social media to attract attention to a topic. Social media sites provide a platform for people to interact with one another and form social networks. Popular social media sites include Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, MySpace, etc. Social Media marketing works on the principle s [...]

Digital Marketing Platforms – K...

Digital Marketing Platforms
Digital Marketing Platforms offer the means to e-marketers to reach out to their audiences through various modes like desktops, laptops, notebooks, mobiles, tablets, gaming platforms, etc. By collecting data about online behaviour of customers through web analytics, the e-marketers have a golden opportunity to offer customized and personalize [...]

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing
Content Marketing is based on the philosophy that the Content is King. In other words, content marketing is a form of online marketing or digital marketing which involves creation and sharing of content to generate awareness about anything. The content can be created in any form – news, video, audio, e-books, photographs, etc. and is di [...]

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