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Search Engine Optimisation with googl...

Search Engine Optimisation with google tools
Search Engine Optimisation with google tools 10 important tips for Search Engine Optimisation with google tools Domain name should have the relevant keyword Content is king If content is king, then links are queen Have unique keyword through Search Engine Optimisation with google tools like adword. Keep adding Fresh content Inbound and Out [...]

Digital Marketing Videos – A co...

Digital Marketing Videos
Digital Marketing Videos- A comprehensive online tutorial on internet marketing   Google’s Chief economist explains the adwords bidding process - Google ad  campaigns involve lot of intricacies and in this video, google’s chief economist demystifies the same. Easy ways to save big on pay per click and adword campaigns - Adwords ca [...]

Digital Marketing Tools – Colle...

Digital Marketing Tools
Collection of some awesome Digital Marketing Tools for assessing health of your e-marketplace: 1.  Alexa (www.alexa.com) Alexa is a free tool. It focuses exclusively on delivering rich and meaning analytics tools for customers. 2.Compete (www.compete.com) Compete gives digital marketing insights to drive business forward. 3. Hitwise (www.hitw [...]

Email Marketing and Mobile Marketing ...

Email Marketing and Mobile Marketing – the new Digital Marketing wishlists
Email Marketing and Mobile Marketing are the new wishlists for Digital Marketing. Digital marketing keeps changing every year. If it was about Social Media Marketing in 2013 , it is about Email Marketing and Mobile Marketing in 2014. The info-graphic says it all about what the year 2014 has for digital marketing. And this comes as no surprise [...]

Social Media Trends 2014

Social Media Trends 2014
Social Media Trends 2014 confirm that the importance of social media marketing could not have been emphasized more. As per the trends and predictions for 2014, businesses should follow the following guidelines to ensure successful marketing and growth of their businesses: Social Media Marketing is a Necessity and not an Option anymore - With [...]

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing
Content Marketing is based on the philosophy that the Content is King. In other words, content marketing is a form of online marketing or digital marketing which involves creation and sharing of content to generate awareness about anything. The content can be created in any form – news, video, audio, e-books, photographs, etc. and is di [...]

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